Indigenous Fellowship of Hamilton Road

Muskeeki Gitigan Supporters

The Indigenous Fellowship of Hamilton Road and the Mushkeeki Gitigan could not have restored and expanded the garden without the kind and generous donations of the following people, companies and/or organizations:

City of London

Janice Walters (Manager, Neighbourhood & Community Funding)

Dianne Clark (Manager, Recreation Operations)

Adrienne Small (Manager, Family Centre Implementation)

Ward 1 Councillor Michael Van Holst

Volunteer Workers


Chris C.

Nick V.

Michele T.

Kimberly A

Rhiannon W.

Rosemary B.

Helen R.

London Police Yipi Team

London Diversity Officer Z

“O” Week UWO students

Russ Green

Tracy Green

Kelly Grayley-Green

Josh Green

Tristan Nixon

Hailey Gee

Community Donations/Funding

Fisher Landscaping

Parkway Garden Centre

Reforest London

Sparks Grant



Nolan’s Concrete

Peavey Mart